Paano ba mag simula sa Stock Market?


Base sa experience ko nakita ko lang sa Google about sa Stock Market. Nagkaroon ako ng idea ang ng mapunta ko sa page ni Bro. Bo. Truly Rich Club kung saan may promo siya that time about sa membership. Nagbasa ko mga almost 1 week then i decided na mag join at mag bayad agad over counter. Doon ko nalaman na magkaiba pala ang bayad sa Col at bayad sa membership kay Bo. Marami nalilito tungkol dito. 

REMINDER: Magkaiba ang bayad sa membership ni Bro. Bo  TRC sa pag open ng account sa Col financial

Ang una ko ginawa nagpamember muna ako sa Truly Rich Club bago ako nag open ng account sa Col. Sasabihin naman sainyo kung ano yung mga requirements sa pag open ng account basahin nyo lang Dito. Make sure na okay na lahat ng requirements, meron kayong Tin number importante kasi yan.

Meron silang free delivery para sa pagpasa ng requirements nyo within manila, kylangan nyo lang gawin is mag fill up ng form na issend nila sainyo via email. Meron contact person na mag guguide sainyo kung paano kayo makakapag open sa Col Financial. Try niyo sila i email dito

Contact Us

Huwag kayo mag worry kung may sinabi sainyo na may interview thru skype. Kasi gusto lang nila matiyak na tama mga nilagay nyo sa pinasa nyo form. Hindi naman basta basta yun dahil pera nyo nakasalalay kaya mas okay yan.

Para naman sa mga OFW na gusto mag open ng account sa form meron din sila Guidelines basahin nyo na lang kung paano at ano mga requirements.

kapag okay na nakapag open na kayo ng account at member na kayo ng TRC ni Bro. Bo. kylangan nyo na lang gawin ay mag basa ng mag basa, just continue learning. para maging okay ang investment natin. sa member site natin meron step by step para maging familiar tayo sa account natin at kung paano na mag simula mag invest. Happy Investing! =)




What Members Say About The Truly Rich Club …

Here’s What Members Say About The Truly Rich Club …

Is it worth it to Join the Truly Rich Club?

Reviews about Truly Rich Club

Reviews about Investing in Stock Market

  • I used to find the stock market very confusing, scary and complicated. But thanks to Truly Rich Club, I am now very confident all the time whenever I invest a portion of my monthly income in the stock market using the SAM strategy. More importantly, Truly Rich Club helps me get closer to God!   -Nikko S.AB, Canada


  • From Poverty mindset into a Truly Rich mindset. Thank you to the Truly Rich Club, I’ll retire Young and Happy millionaire.-Koi DiazOFW, Italy


  • Thank you TRC for teaching us how to secure our daughter’s future through stocks investment. -Marites P. RojasInternal Auditor



  • Being a Truly Rich Club member gives me and my husband the confidence that we will retire as young millionaires and will soon go back to the Philippines to be with our family for good.-Allan & JanetOFW, IT Consultant Singapore


  • We are family member of TRC based in Doha, Qatar. TRC had continuously improved our financial strategies, outlook in life and our relationships. TRC guided us in investing and earning our 1st One (1) Million pesos in 17 months at 21% gain in stocks. Maraming salamat TRC.  -Noel & Minda HernandezDoha, Qatar


  • Truly Rich Club taught me how to invest in the stock market back in November 2010. My P24,000 grew to P300,000 in just 3.5 years. Now I am sharing my experience to my friends. Investing is fun & doable! -Rona BartoliniI.T. Quality Analyst


  • Being a member of the Truly Rich Club is life changing. I would say it’s the best thing I’ve ever learned in my 29 years. The only regret I have is why I did not take it seriously for years when I’ve heard about Truly Rich Club the first time. I can’t believe I delayed myself from becoming a mutimillionaire. Thank God I am now sure that I’m on the right direction and confident that I will be a multimillionaire in few years and will be able to help more people change their lives just like I did.

    -CrestineRegistered Nurse, New Zealand



  • I was raised with an employee’s mindset. Thru the club wealth strategies, the spirit of being an entrepreneur inside of me was rekindled. Today, I am juggling between being an employee and entrepreneur but in 10-15 years’ time I will be a full time entrepreneur. -FerdieOFW Engineer, Qatar


  • Thanks TrulyRichClub for teaching me how to invest in the Stock Market. Now I’m sure I’ll retire as a multi-millionaire.

    JojieOFW Nurse, Saudi


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Stock Update


In my Stocks Update, I’ll tell you how I invest

Here’s another thing I’ll do for you.

Each month, I’ll send you a very short “Stocks Update”. I’ll tell you what companies I’m investing in and how they’re doing.

Why will I give this “Stocks Update” monthly report? To give you guidance and inspiration.

Especially when there’s a crisis, my “Stocks Update” will be crucial. It will prevent you from selling your Stocks because of your panic—and lose your money. And it will encourage you to do the very opposite—buy great companies when the prices are very low.

In one single page, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about your Stock investments.

I’ll remind you to invest each month. I’ll urge you, push you, beg you to be faithful to your monthly investments.

I’ll tell you when it’s time to sell the Stocks I wrote about in my Ebook above.

I’ll tell you the new undervalued Stocks that you can buy.

I’ll tell you what I’m doing with my own Stocks.

I promise: In plain, simple English. No financial jargon you won’t understand.


That’s not all…

heres  MORE


Join Truly Rich Club now!


I’ve been very blessed to have come upon the Truly Rich Club.
Have you heard about it?
It’s the brainchild financial advocacy of missionary millionaire, Bro. Bo Sanchez.
Here, he generously shares the strategies he mastered in Stock Market Investing and equips you to apply them wisely.
Honestly, I couldn’t believe it when I saw for myself how my finances grew!
I want to pay it forward by making others feel blessed too.
That’s why I invite you to be part of the Club as well.
To learn more, click the link below.

Truly Rich Club

I know you’ll be enlightened when Bro. Bo Sanchez explains it more thoroughly.
Tell me what you think about it, too.

Thank you and God bless!

How to open an account with Col Financial

Here are the steps to take in opening an account with COL Financial:

Step 1.  Determine which kind of account you would like to open:


Minimum Investment: P5,000

  • An entry-level account suitable for long term investing.
    Provides access to basic research reports, standard market
    information, and end-of-day charting data.



Minimum Investment: P25,000

  • For active traders. Provides streaming quotes,
    comprehensive research reports and live chart data with
    some customizable features.


Minimum Investment: P1 Million

  • For the premier investor. Provides access to all available
    features and a personal relationship manager dedicated to


Step 2.  Download, print and fill out the required forms here.

Step 3. Attach a photocopy of a valid:
a. Philippine ID (e.g. Passport, SSS, Driver’s license, Voter’s ID) (Important note: Photo and Signature on the ID should be clear)

b. Billing Statement (e.g. Credit Card bill, Utility bill, Bank Statement).

– The Billing Statement could be under the name of parents, siblings or spouse as long as the Surname is the same as the applicant’s.

– For OFWs who don’t have any Billing Statement, a copy of Employment Contract showing the current address would suffice.

– All other documents to show proof of address in the absence of Billing Statement are subject to approval.

(Important note: Name, Address and Date should be present in the statement. It must be recent, no later than 3 months past)

Additional Documentary Requirements:
For Resident Foreign Citizens:
Alien Certificate of Registration or Work Permit from DOLE
For Non-Resident Foreign Citizens:
Authentication of a photocopy of Passport
Proof of Income
Step 4. Submit in person or mail all the documents to:
COL Financial Group, Inc.
2403-B, East Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Center,

Exchange Road, Pasig City 1605 Philippines

OR you may also have the forms picked up by COL’s messenger if you are within the metro.  Simply make a request by calling their hotline 6515888.

Step 5.  Wait for confirmation/approval from COL via email. (Waiting period could be from 3-6 days from the time the application was received. Please check your Spam folder  if you have not received the email within this period, or follow it up with the head office by calling up their hotline 6515888 or emailing

You will be given a COL Financial account number which you will then use to fund your account.

Step 6. Once approved, you may start funding your account via the options listed below.  (Note:  For personal appearance, you may deposit your initial investment directly with the Business Center Cashier upon submission of your application.)
a. Online Banking (Online Bills Payment)
b. Over-the-counter Bills Payment
BPI, BDO or Metrobank branches
c. Business Center Cashier 
COL Financial Group, Inc.
2403-B, East Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Center,

Exchange Road, Pasig City 1605 Philippines

* CHECK should be payable to COL Financial Group, Inc.

d.  Overseas Remittance 

(Note: It is IMPORTANT to indicate the COL FINANCIAL ACCOUNT HOLDER’S NAME and COL ACCOUNT NUMBER when making payments to ensure proper and timely credit to your account.)

Step 7. Once your account has been funded, your log in details (COL username and password) will be sent to you within 24-48 hours via email.  (By experience, the waiting period for the log in details is 3-5 business days).
Step 8. Once you have received your log-in details, please wait another 24 hours before your funds become available for you to start buying stocks (as recommended by Bro. Bo Sanchez in his Stock update.
Step 9. Fund your account regularly (monthly). It does not matter how much you deposit, as long as it is REGULAR. That is what Bro. Bo wants for his Truly Rich Club members – that you grow your investments to enjoy financial freedom when you retire.
Thanks & God bless,
Credits from Ms Joey.

Additional benefits that you will receive if you UPGRADE your payment plan to ANNUAL:

Change is HERE !

Let me get straight to the point: I want you to become truly rich.

Oh, wait. I forgot to greet you. Hello, my dear friend! Sorry about that. I’m just so excited for you!

Why, you ask me?

It’s because we have just launched the new and improved Truly Rich Club… and it’s called Truly Rich Club 2.0! (I’m so imaginative and witty, I know! Ha, ha!)

I know the name’s not far from its predecessor, but its contents are jam-packed with so much power packages and big blessings like you wouldn’t believe… and we thought of it just to bless YOU even more!

You’ve been with us for a long time now as a TRC member, and as our sincerest thanks, we’ve decided to add more gifts, freebies and benefits to you.

Aside from the 11 BIG BLESSINGS you have received, and you continue to receive as a member of the TrulyRichClub, here are the additional benefits that you will receive if you UPGRADE your payment plan to ANNUAL:

  1. Term Life Insurance (P100,000) for members who have been with TRC for one year, or have paid a 1 year membership; You shall also receive…
    • Accidental Death & Dismemberment
    • Family Assistance Benefit
    • Accidental Daily Hospital Income
    • International SOS (iSOS) Travel and Medical Assistance
  2. Newly-improved TrulyRichClub Mobile app with financial calculators
  3. Exclusive membership to TRC 2.0 Facebook Group
  4. Monthly Mastermind Meeting
  5. TRC affiliate page with email swipes and banners
  6. Many, many more!

Grab the opportunity and be a member and start investing for the future ! click Bo Sanchez link  over here. – Benefits from TLC

How To Increase The Love In Your Family And Prevent Them From Drifting Apart

Do you have a dreambook? 

A list of dreams?  A bucket list?  Things you want to accomplish before you die?

I do.

Let me tell how I wrote my dreambook.

Many years ago, when I was still single, I remember coming home from a prayer meeting.  That night, I was totally blown away by what I learned: About the power that God has given us to determine our future.

The Bible says, “I have you given you a choice between blessing and curse.”

“No one told me that before,” I told myself.  “I can choose blessings?  I always thought blessings and curses fell down from the sky without our control.”

So that night, I chose all the blessings I wanted to have.

That night, I sat down and wrote my dreambook—all that I wanted to do with my life.

I wrote it from 10am to 3am.

And it was 15 pages long!



How To Increase The Love In Your Family And Prevent Them From Drifting Apart

For Inspiring words of God

How could something as simple as GodWhispers change your life?

Here’s why: Your beliefs are very powerful.

Your beliefs are so powerful, they determine your whole destiny.

And from my experience, two of the most important beliefs that determine your destiny are beliefs about who you are and who God is.

These two crucial beliefs—(1) who you think you are and (2) who you think God is—will shape your entire future. Trust me, your happiness and success in life depends on these two beliefs!

And that’s where GodWhispers come in. If you read GodWhispers daily, over time, I’m convinced it can change these two crucial beliefs.

How do I know?

Let me tell you my story… – Get A Megadose of Blessing. And Take Your Life To A New Direction.

OFW must know the Truly Rich Club By Bo Sanchez


At first i didn’t know what does the TLC stand for, until my sister sent me a link: OFW must know the Truly Rich Club By Bo Sanchez

Although i already click it, i’m still confuse about it. Then i received a link and videos everyday from her  about who is Bo Sanchez, His inspiring videos in Feast at PICC, then suddenly i get interested because of his inspiring videos. As an ofw here in Japan i really don’t have any investment and business yet for my 5 years working abroad. No wonder why my  sister forced me to know more about Stock Market and how to invest in Stock Market by the guidance and help from Truly Rich Club. That we as an ordinary people especially us OFWs must save and invest at the same time. Its like we are putting our money in a piggy bank but the good thing about it is we gain or might double our savings buy buying a stocks or sell it. I dont want to work for the rest of my life. I want my money to work for me in the future. Now is my 2 years as a member of TRC and for that short years im happy because i already gain some ! what more for 5-10 years from now  🙂

lets choose long term investment for our retirement in the future! To know more about Truly Rich Club just click their website: OFW must know the Truly Rich Club By Bo Sanchez