Here are the steps to take in opening an account with COL Financial:

Step 1.  Determine which kind of account you would like to open: COL Starter,  COL Starter Plus or COL Premium. COL Starter is an entry-level account suitable for long-term investing which requires a minimum investment of only Php5,000.00. COL Starter Plus is for active traders and requires a minimum investment of Php25,000.00.  COL Premium is for the premier investor and requires a minimum investment of Php1M.

Step 2.  Download, print and fill out the required forms here.  (Please read How to Properly Fill Out COL Forms).  For opening an account for minors, please refer to thisGuide.

Step 3. Attach a photocopy of a valid:
a. Philippine ID (e.g. Passport, SSS, Driver’s license, Voter’s ID) (Important note: Photo and Signature on the ID should be clear)

b. Billing Statement (e.g. Credit Card bill, Utility bill, Bank Statement).

– The Billing Statement could be under the name of parents, siblings or spouse as long as the Surname is the same as the applicant’s.

– For OFWs who don’t have any Billing Statement, a copy of Employment Contract showing the current address would suffice.

– All other documents to show proof of address in the absence of Billing Statement are subject to approval.

(Important note: Name, Address and Date should be present in the statement. It must be recent, no later than 3 months past)

Additional Documentary Requirements:
For Resident Foreign Citizens:
Alien Certificate of Registration or Work Permit from DOLE
For Non-Resident Foreign Citizens:
Authentication of a photocopy of Passport
Proof of Income
Step 4. Submit in person or mail all the documents to:
COL Financial Group, Inc.
2403-B, East Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Center,

Exchange Road, Pasig City 1605 Philippines

OR you may also have the forms picked up by COL’s messenger if you are within the metro.  Simply make a request by calling their hotline 6515888.

Step 5.  Wait for confirmation/approval from COL via email. (Waiting period could be from 3-6 days from the time the application was received. Please check your Spam folder  if you have not received the email within this period, or follow it up with the head office by calling up their hotline 6515888 or emailing

You will be given a COL Financial account number which you will then use to fund your account.

Step 6. Once approved, you may start funding your account via the options listed below.  (Note:  For personal appearance, you may deposit your initial investment directly with the Business Center Cashier upon submission of your application.)
a. Online Banking (Online Bills Payment)
b. Over-the-counter Bills Payment
BPI, BDO or Metrobank branches
c. Business Center Cashier 
COL Financial Group, Inc.
2403-B, East Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Center,

Exchange Road, Pasig City 1605 Philippines

* CHECK should be payable to COL Financial Group, Inc.

d. Overseas Remittance 

(Note: It is IMPORTANT to indicate the COL FINANCIAL ACCOUNT HOLDER’S NAME and COL ACCOUNT NUMBER when making payments to ensure proper and timely credit to your account.)

Step 7. Once your account has been funded, your log in details (COL username and password) will be sent to you within 24-48 hours via email.  (By experience, the waiting period for the log in details is 3-5 business days).
Step 8. Once you have received your log-in details, please wait another 24 hours before your funds become available for you to start buying stocks (as recommended by Bro. Bo Sanchez in his Stock update.
Step 9. Fund your account regularly (monthly). It does not matter how much you deposit, as long as it is REGULAR. That is what Bro. Bo wants for his Truly Rich Club members – that you grow your investments to enjoy financial freedom when you retire.
Thanks & God bless,
Credits from Ms Joey.