OFW must know the Truly Rich Club By Bo Sanchez


At first i didn’t know what does the TLC stand for, until my sister sent me a link: OFW must know the Truly Rich Club By Bo Sanchez

Although i already click it, i’m still confuse about it. Then i received a link and videos everyday from her  about who is Bo Sanchez, His inspiring videos in Feast at PICC, then suddenly i get interested because of his inspiring videos. As an ofw here in Japan i really don’t have any investment and business yet for my 5 years working abroad. No wonder why my  sister forced me to know more about Stock Market and how to invest in Stock Market by the guidance and help from Truly Rich Club. That we as an ordinary people especially us OFWs must save and invest at the same time. Its like we are putting our money in a piggy bank but the good thing about it is we gain or might double our savings buy buying a stocks or sell it. I dont want to work for the rest of my life. I want my money to work for me in the future. Now is my 2 years as a member of TRC and for that short years im happy because i already gain some ! what more for 5-10 years from now  🙂

lets choose long term investment for our retirement in the future! To know more about Truly Rich Club just click their website: OFW must know the Truly Rich Club By Bo Sanchez


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